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Technology differential

Why do clients initiate and continue to work with us?

Sometimes, even the smallest changes made to your infrastructure can give you just the right edge over your competitors. NOCC’s ’technology differential’ leverages your business with this edge by providing innovative solutions that can help achieve the best return on your technology investments.

NOCC comes on board as a technology partner as opposed to a technology vendor

This means that we may ask you questions that are sometimes difficult to answer, we will address the elephant in the room, we will use our knowledge to make suggestions and don’t worry, we will offer our opinion when we have one.

Our consulting capabilities enable us to understand and devise systems and solutions that are customized to the needs of our customers. We realize that technology does not exist in a vacuum and is people driven; user experience determines the success of our offering.

We go the extra mile of working with stakeholders of the businesses to ensure maximum receptiveness and ownership of the systems we help put in place.

Life boat
"The most important differential we offer is our attitude to nurture relationships. While we build effective systems and solutions, we stick around to ensure their effectiveness."

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