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Bring Ideas to Life.

While illustrating your company values with visual assets or while portraying a consistent image for your marketing efforts, the importance of graphic design can no longer be ignored. Your graphic design needs to grab the attention of your target audient and to continue to create a lasting impression.

  • Do you want a design overhaul, to reinvent your company or your brand?
  • Does your company have an effective development team that needs creative inputs?
  • Are you looking for unique illustrations to convey your complex ideas in a simple way?
  • Is your current web presence in need of interactive elements to keep it in sync with the latest trends and the expectations of today’s online customer?
  • Are you looking for an IT firm with experience in animation and interactive game development?
How you present your company to your target audience is fundamental to its success. Are you leveraging this creative tool to look unique, move your audience and be unforgettable?

At NOCC, we believe that graphic design is an art backed by technology. It is more than a pretty picture – it is an intelligent expression of thoughts, ideas and words in a visual manner. Our graphic design capabilities camouflage the technicalities of a product or service in an extremely pleasing and engaging exterior thereby engaging the senses of the target audience, eventually resulting in higher visibility and profitability for our clients.

Creative Diversity.

NOCC’s design studio is a highly creative and imaginative team of designers who use cutting edge graphic design tools, platforms and technologies to offer a range of services. These range from designing web applications such as websites, micro sites and widgets as well as desktop and mobile applications and plug-ins. The robust technical skills of our team enable attractive HTML5, animations and banners, multimedia and graphic and UX design for mobile and touch screen devices as well as for Computer / Web Based Training (CBT / WBT). Experts in creating illustrations and character designs as well as graphics for 2D and 3D games, NOCC has emerged as a partner of choice for game development companies!

We get to know your target audience.

The first step of our creative process is for our graphic designers to discuss and research your goals and the target audience. Once we have an understanding of your company and its services, we can work to communicate your message visually. Our years of experience enable us to instinctively know how to adopt different design philosophies that are powerful on different platforms, of web and mobile for example. The solution we build is a combination of creative, elegant, and effective design that is defined by knowledge of the chosen platform and research of the preferences of your target audience.

We use techniques such as Task Analysis, Information Architecture, Interaction Models, Wireframes and Functional Sketches; to ensure that the solutions we design are thoroughly tested before final deployment.

Communicate in a current, inspiring and rich visual language!

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  • Simple, user friendly and intuitive
  • Stay connected to customers any place, any time and all the time

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