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In the battle for market share between the Google Android and the Apple iOS, iOS is the clear winner with more than 59% of the mobile web data consumption as of May 2010. A nelson study showed that iOS users tend to be more educated; widely traveled; wealthier and more likely to spend more when compared to users of other operating systems.

NOCC is a leading iOS developer. We created a wide range of apps. Our talented team of analysts along with our wonderful and experienced developers can help you to:

  • - Conceptualize the app.
  • - Understand various feature offerings.
  • - Understand whether the app would be a native app or a hybrid app.
  • - Design and launch the app on the Apple App Store and much more.


With one app on the Apple App store, you will be reaching out to over 300 million potential customers across the world! That is 4% of the world’s population! And your entire marketing pitch is just the way you design your app icon. This and many other small details make exploring the app world a tedious task. But we are here to help.

At NOCC, our iOS app designers and developers understand the difference across mobile platforms, along with the differences across different devices such as the iPhone, the iPod and the iPad. While the basic framework does not change, we understand that the objective, the psychology and hence the user experience for each type of user is unique. This understanding, we bring to accentuate your ideas and transform them into a business venture.


At NOCC, we often believe that the foresight should always be 20-20 so that the necessity for hindsight is eliminated. This would not only give you a cutting edge in the market, but would also let you sleep in peace knowing that your business is secure for the future.

We expertly used the iOS SDK and XCode in order to build cutting edge applications that are both scalable and robust and hence are automatically built for success.

If you are interested in building an Android application instead; click here.

If you want to shoot for an even larger market, use web-based solutions that are platform agnostic and can adapt to various devices; click here.

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Why iPad apps?

  • Easy customization
  • Simple, user friendly and intuitive
  • Stay connected to customers any place, any time and all the time

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