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IT Transformation. IT Advantage.

The objective of technology in businesses today is about doing things better, faster and cheaper. However, the road to IT transformation is never easy and is often filled with unchartered territories and unrealistic constraints.

It is at this point that businesses must stop and ask themselves the questions that are perhaps often the most difficult to answer.

What are you best at, and are you able to focus on your core competency? Or are you taking on more and more, thereby diluting your focus?

How do your internal IT capabilities match up to those required for the IT transformation you are about to embark upon?

Are you tasked to enabling high value in IT with the added pressures of keeping costs low?

Do you want to deliver high performance and high-quality solutions while still being flexible, scalable and more cost efficient than ever before?

Are you interested in IT Outsourcing but don’t know how to take your first step?

IT Outsourcing is a key management tool for successful CTOs, CIOs and other Technology Executives trying to make an impact on their businesses.

A dynamic growth period can consume your resources, often at the expense of your ability to provide the good and services that have made you successful. Organizations need robust solutions to help them meet the increasing needs of the growth. In response to which, they are increasingly unable to justify the ongoing costs, efforts and risks involved in hiring, maintaining and managing a year round in-house IT team, especially for every diverse IT requirement.

As a result of this progressively tumultuous environment, many businesses are thinking smart, and are taking advantage of IT outsourcing to augment their selective and limited in-house resources, increasing their ability to be flexible and agile, while increasing their ability to deliver.

IT Outsourcing is the art of getting easy access to a selection of expert and trained IT resources to work with the internal IT individuals or entire departments of an organization. These IT resources can help to fill in the gaps for a defined project or for an extended period of time. IT Outsourcing can be local or global, however it is often incorrectly used interchangeably with Offshore Outsourcing that utilizes the labor arbitrage of lower-cost countries.

Outsource to NOCC – locally or globally.

NOCC’s global IT Outsourcing solutions, whether project or project-based, whether local or offshore, are flexible for your company’s needs.

NOCC is a global technology company with trained and knowledgeable technologists and professionals. Rather than go through the trouble to find, hire and manage larger staff to cover your project needs and maintain an expensive infrastructure for your project, NOCC can offer your company high-level services with increased flexibility at a fraction of the cost.

Partner Locally, Work Globally

NOCC can help augment your current IT staff, allowing you to dedicate your resources elsewhere, to do what you’re best at while we do what we’re best at.

NOCC partners with your company locally and offers a talented staff of people you can both work with and depend on no matter where they are.

If you are interested in learning more about how NOCC can assist you in your next project, click here.

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